How You Can Help

Partnership Effort for the Advancement of Children’s Health (PEACH) believes the best way to protect children from lead poisoning due to exposure to lead dust from lead-based paint is to increase the number of knowledgeable and experienced individuals trained to identify and mitigate lead-based paint hazards. The threat of lead-dust in the homes and child-care facilities are not the only health hazards children face in their daily living environments. Chemical irritants, mold and moisture, and pests and pesticides are common household occurrences that compromise the health of children, as well as adults. PEACH is a state certified lead abatement firm, lead renovation firm, and RRP training provider committed to increasing the number of community-based contractors who are certified in environmental disciplines. Your donation of any amount will help to support the mission of PEACH: to foster a grassroots movement to improve community health and economics by creating a sustainable workforce to reduce environmental hazards in the community. With your help, PEACH will realize its vision that every child will grow up in an environmentally safe home where the household income is above the poverty level. Click Donate to learn how you can support PEACH.

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