PEACH Environmental Risk Reduction Initiative (PERRI)

The Residential Environment & Preservation Project is a pilot program to assist home owners with energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and minor carpentry repairs. Home owners must live in their home, they must commit to participate in the PEACH Environmental Risk Reduction Initiative (PERRI). PERRI is a training program for PEACH volunteers and interns where they work with home owners to develop an individualized healthy homes assessment and risk reduction strategy. The PERRI program includes education about home safety, assessment of home environmental and physical safety hazards, and strategies to reduce or eliminate hazards.  Participation in the program will require trainees to visit the home on two or more occasions. Home owners must agree to help develop and participate in hazard reduction activities along with the PEACH trainees.  Home owners may have to pay an administrative fee and may be required to purchase supplies to be used in their homes.